Thursday, February 18, 2016


We switched it up and I registered Harlow for gymnastics at a different gym this year. At the old gym I would've still had to do the classes with her, but at Turner Hall, she could do them herself....biggest reason I switched! But that wasn't the biggest difference, at the old gym she would have 4-5 other kids in her class, at Turner there is about 30 kids! They split up into smaller groups but it sure is busy! Harlow does a pretty good job at waiting in line and listening to direction though. She says the beam is her favorite, and she struggles the most with vault, or rather just the springboard. Having the coordination to run and then jump with two feet is a little much for her rambling brain.

That red blur behind her is her biggest brother. She always wanted them to come and watch her, even though they spent more time rolling around on mats than they did actually watching their sister. She would remind them a few times during the 45 minute practice, "Brothers, are you watching me?". She would also come and give me a hug or kiss a few times during practice. Other parents thought it was so cute, but I'm pretty sure it was just that rambling brain again.

It was her final practice and program last week, but since she loves it so much, I signed her up for the spring session and she starts back up again next week. I'm hoping she continues and follows in her mommy's footsteps.

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